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Fine jewellery mini hoop earrings in gold. Available in silver and pink gold. These earrings exist also in large in silver, gold and pink gold.

The perfect accessories to embellish your daily looks, these earrings will make you  unique as they are hand made by the designer, Sara Esther, herself.  They are part of the « Atôme » collection: Discover the entire Atôme collection on Story to Line.

Atôme is a declaration of love to freedom of creation and traditional values. It is inspired by a real passion for woman’s beauty. Let express your feminity and sensuality with these Atôme earrings by wearing in your daily life. We, at Story to Line, believe that creation and fashion are stories. In the Atôme collection, every little balls represent an important moment, an emotion of your life. It’s a kind of personnal jewel made for you.

Atôme is created with beautiful materials like yellow, pink, gray or white gold, silver but also with precious or semi-precious stones. Sara Esther grew up in a familly of jewellers who shared with her the passion of the tradition. She also studied at the very famous brussels school “art des métiers”, in Belgium. That makes her creativity and high quality work a reality.

Story to Line underlines the talent of the best emerging belgian designers. We believe at Story to Line that fashion is about stories, that creators tell you their stories by creating; Sara Esther’s story is about her jewel collections of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, that reflect her passion for stones’s symbolism and the tradition of jewellery.

Discover the entire Atôme collection on Story to Line.


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