Sara Esther Bracelet Universel Materia La Philosophale


First cuff of the collection, La Philosophale is a captivating jewel bringing strength and willpower. This cuff is made of yellow gold silver-gilt sublimating a cut and polished red garnet and a radiance of diamonds.
According to the writings, the Philosopher’s Stone, linked to the Magnus Opum of Alchemy, would have the power to transmute metals and to create immortality.
Carmine as the strength and blazing like fire, the red garnet adorning the gold cuff will bring courage and perseverance to gentle and calm women.
Stimulating the body and the mind and freeing a person from its instincts, the red garnet helps to find the strength to fight back. It is claimed to have beneficial properties against psychological denial and sexual derangement.
Adorn your wrist with the intensity of the red garnet and glowing light of the yellow gold to feel the energy of this handmade jewel of style.

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Small: 15cm – Medium: 17cm – Large: 19cm

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Plated 18K Gold – Red garnet – Radiance of Diamonds