Sara Esther Bracelet Universel Materia Deuxième Décan


Sixth cuff of the collection, Deuxième Décan is the jewel that brings inspiration and creativity. This cuff is made of silver sublimating a cut and polished blue topaz and a radiance of diamonds.
The stars are just as important as the materials in the alchemical works, so an alchemical horoscope has been created. When the first decan binds a person and the physical world together, the second one is the link between a person and the higher energy which influences him and reveals his hidden forces.
Bright and clear, blue topaz inspire as a muse to help women who wish to reveal their heart of an artist and connect with their own oneiric world. This stone develops imagination and oratorical qualities also has beneficial properties for ailments related to depression and insomnia, issues that stop us from escaping in our imagination.
Adorn your wrist with the purity of the blue topaz and sparkle of silver to feel the energy of this handmade jewel of style.

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Small: 15cm – Medium: 17cm – Large: 19cm

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Silver – Blue Topaz – Radiance of Diamonds