Sara Esther Bracelet Universel Materia De Sel et de Lumière


Third cuff of the collection, De Sel et de Lumière is the solar jewel that brings a breath of joy and serenity. This cuff is made of rose gold silver-gilt sublimating three cuts and polished chrysoberyls and a radiance of diamonds.
Symbol of purity, salt and light are almost sacred elements of the alchemical work. The salt, the solid material, and the light, the etheric one, bring life and fight against the corruption of body and mind.
Bringing elevation to the spirit, chrysoberyl invites to step back, remain pragmatic and forget the frustrations to help women stay in control of their lives. It encourages forgiveness and makes social life easier. This gem also has beneficial properties in promoting understanding and decency in community while protecting the digestive system of the daily frustrations.
Adorn your wrist with the radiating glow of carnelian and the mellow rose gold to feel the energy of this handmade jewel of style.

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Small: 15cm – Medium: 17cm – Large: 19cm

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Plated 18K Pink gold – Chrysoberyls – Radiance of Diamonds