Sara Esther Bracelet Atôme Big Cuff Gold


Sara Esther unveils her first collection named « Atome ».
A mix of delicacy and sensuality that reveals an extreme passion for beauty in its purest form.
The Atome collection refers to the universe of the Cosmos, where bodies mingle and reflect the sky and constellations.

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One Size. Gold. Available in silver, follow this link.

The bracelet big cuf « Atôme » comes from the first collection designed by Sara Esther Jewerly. Discover the entire Atôme collection on Story to Line.

Discover Sara Esther’s inspirations here.
Delicacy and sensuality are the main inspirations of this fine jewelry collection that reveals an extreme passion for beauty through its pure lines.
The Atôme collection refers to the universe of the Cosmos, where lines reflect the sky and the constellations.
This collection is eternal and is produced in fine materials such as yellow or pink gold and silver, the pieces are made with precious and semi-precious stones.

Story to Line is proud to introduce you to this amazing jewellery belgian designer, Sara Esther, who creates rings, earrings, necklaces made with precious and semi-precious stones : diamonds, ruby, emeralde, aqua marine, saphire. But also fine materials like gray, rose and yellow gold.

Sara Esther the founder of the Jewellery brand, grew up in a the jewelry world thanks to her family of jewellers. Passionated by the craftsmanship, the young Belgian designer studied at the “arts et métiers” school of Brussels, Belgium. By defining her own style, she diverts and re-works conventional and classic pieces. Her way to share her vision of aesthetism : She infuses jewellery with her sensitivity and timeless styles : ring, earring, necklace, bracelets, etc…

Inspired by her roots, the young creator conveys a authentic tradition, creates jewellery with emotion, simply born of a genuine desire. Her jewellery collections reflect her passion for symbolism of the stones and the history of jewellery. Pieces that we wear for your entire life, then that we offer to our daughters. As an artist, her real know-how makes her creative and high quality work possible.

Yellow, pink, gray or white gold, silver and other precious or semi-precious stones are the main fabrics of her collections. Sara Esther sends a message to the world with her realizations; Sara Esther’s message is a declaration of love to freedom of creation.


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