Passerin Busycity clutch

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Clutch in calf skin leather, digitally printed with raw interior.

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Fabrics: Italian leather, digitally printed. Raw interior . Woman Leather goods, Central Clutch. Clutch in calf skin leather, digitally printed with raw interior. Discover Story to Line, the only Belgian eshop offering you not only Belgian fashion designers but also the finest jewelry designers and the best beauty brands. Find the nicest garments made out of the most beautiful fabrics, or the perfect earrings, all made in Belgium. Story to Line is giving you the opportunity to shop more than 20 fashion designers.
Belgian fashion brand Passerin was founded by three architects, Adrian Cruz Chavez, Carolina Jimenez Andrioli and Francesca Neri who all met while studying architecture and engineering in the city they like the most, the one that is the most inspiring for them, Florence, in Italy. Belgian design and Italian savoir faire are the main influences in their designs. They wanted to blend fashion and architecture with luxury accessories. Their latest collection is inspired by architectural details and graphics to create a pattern that is printed on Italian calf leather. What they use for it is a sophisticated digital technique, only made in Italy. All of the items they create are made in Italy, and from the best quality leather to the final product, everything is produced and manufactured in the best factories of Italy. The production process is following strict European quality standards to make sure all products are guaranteed for the client as well as for the brand. From the first day fashion brand Passerin was founded, the designers agreed that using high quality materials was not enough. They also wanted to strongly focus on the production process itself and which business partners to use for this process. Good, safe working conditions for the factory employees are of great importance to the designers when looking for business partners. Therefore, they decided to only collaborate with factories that promote ethical workplace conditions and human rights for all of their employees. Italy is one of the best countries in the world to produce high quality fashion items, but add to that the insurance of fair pay and good working conditions and it makes a much higher quality product.

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Italian leather, digitally printed. Raw interior