Empowering European independent fashion brands to unlock China_

The Chinese millennials are particularly fond of trendy products made in Europe and more often use online shopping to purchase goods.”

– Daxue Shanghai consulting



Story to Line is the first European label empowering the best independent fashion designers to penetrate the Chinese e-market. We provide a direct access to two of the best luxury Chinese marketplaces: XiaoHongShu (alias the Little Red Book) and Kaola, as well as a full expertise.


We offer to our partners a real field support to enable them to successfully penetrate this promising market:

  • Financial advantages on market penetration costs by joining the label.
  • Legal process support to certify the presence of your brand on the Chinese market.
  • Marketing strategy and influencers to increase brand’s visibility on social media.
  • Chinese customers behaviors analysis to drive sales.
  • E-commerce expertise to provide direct access on luxury marketplaces.
  • Logistic solutions to set your stores and reduce shipment costs.

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