As accurate as eclectic, Sara Esther grew up in a world inspired by her family of jewellers. Passionated by handcraft goods, the young belgian studied at the “arts et métiers” school of brussels before creating her eponymous brand in 2013. By defining her own style that does not lack talent, she loves diverting and re-working conventional and classic pieces to share her vision of aesthetism while infusing jewellery with her sensitivity and timeless style. with great instinct and inspired by her roots, The young creator conveys a craft tradition, creates jewellery with sense, emotion, simply born of a genuine desire. her creations reflect her passion for symbolism in the stonework and the history of jewellery. pieces that we offer, we wear for a lifetime, then that we transmit.As an artist and craftsman, her authentic know-how makes her creative and high quality work possible. yellow, pink, gray or white gold, silver and other precious or semi-precious stones are the letters of her alphabet. Creators send a message to the world with their realizations; the one of Sara Esther is a declaration of love to freedom of creation and traditional values.