Neith Nyer was founded in Paris in 2015 by Francisco Terra, after the name of his grandmother. During his childhood spent in Brazil, this woman who taught him how to sew, also explained to him that designing clothes was not only a question of technical gestures. For her, it was a way to tell him stories, to hand over legends to him. It his the same approach that he now repeats collection after collection.

DDP was launched in 1995 in France and was at the time, an emblematic streetwear label. With DDP having very recently undergone a notable re-branding, in a bid to revive its archive and make it accessible to a more focused audience, the brand’s Neith Nyer partnership is a cleverly considered match. As a homage to the guiding principles of Francisco Terra, whose work extends beyond the technicality of clothing design, the collection has done well to establish a real narrative.