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Behind the scenes of Story to Line’s collaboration with leather bags brand LILU

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Story to Line collaboration with Brussels leather bags brand LILU behind the scenes Emmanuelle Adam

Spring has arrived and a new exciting collaboration just blossomed between Story to Line and the Brussels bags brand LILU. Founder and talented designer Emmanuelle Adam created an exclusive and limited collection of leather bags, which you can discover on our e-shop as of now. While she was still in the process of designing the bags, Emmanuelle met with us to talk about this collection, and allowed us to know more about her journey and her inspiration as a bags and accessories designer.

The singular journey of a bag designer

If Story to Line were to reincarnate itself into a material, it would definitely be leather. Leather is a material that has a thousant facets, it’s living, evolving and taking a better shape over the years. And although Story to Line is still a newborn, the platform is constantly growing and feeding itself with the stories its inspiring designers are telling through their work.

Story to Line collaboration with Brussels leather bags brand LILU behind the scenes

© Ganaëlle Glume

Although Emmanuelle Adam is a talented designer, she remains humble and quite discreet. We met up over a coffee in Rue du Bailli, just a few steps from her LILU shop in Brussels. Behind her appearance of an urban, busy and rather confident woman hides a designer with a singular career, which has not always been obvious nor easy. Emmanuelle started her career in 2005 by creating accessories for a stylist, and then continued working on her own as an accessories designer.

Today, she’s the founder of LILU, a Belgian leather bags brand that stands out for its values: quality, originality and know-how. “The people I’ve met and the circumstances I’ve been through made my journey until here”, she says, “and now I wonder: what could I have done other than making bags? I trust that life takes you where you have to go”.

All the professionnal experiences that preceeded the LILU adventure as well as the years she spent abroad have built the particularity and singularity that characterize her work today. “I lived in England for seven years, and the motto and English people is to be singular and different”, she explains. “It’s something that has remained anchored in me”. Emmanuelle keeps being original by offering a personalized service and encouraging each customer to find what suits them.

Collaborating with Story to Line

3 different models that each respond to particular needs have been designed in 3 different types of leather. Which results in a collection of 6 colorful, unique bags signé LILU.

“In my own store, I’m not creating the same model a thousand times, it’s not exciting at all”, Emmanuelle says. The colorful side is also something new she wanted to bring to LILU’s style, which is usually quite natural and chic.

Discover the collection here:

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