About the concept

Belgian empowerment

Belgium has had quite a few designers recognised worldwide: Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Delvaux, Natan etc… Time has come to introduce you to the new generation of creators who represent the new ambassadors of the Belgian spirit.  Story to Line invites you to get to know today’s and tomorrow’s talented designers – Let yourself be touched by their creativity and their vision.

A story of stories

Story to Line wants to give voice to the new fashion creators in Belgium, to put their talents as well as their passion and soul in the spotlight.

Behind each collection created, a passionate artist expressed himself. All have their own history: from experience and personal expertise to the early morning rituals, discover what inspires them to create unique pieces. Because fashion only makes sense when it is told, Story to Line takes you into the heart of Belgian creation.

Conscious consumption

Story to Line is committed to give meaning and soul to matter in times of mass-consumption leading to collections on-the-go, missing creativity, quality, production ethics.

Story to Line is bringing its piece to the edifice of responsible consumption by enhancing the production of exclusive pieces designed in Belgium, made in Europe.Each designer presented on Story to Line made it a point to take the time to select the finest materials and to assemble them in local European workshops. For a product traceability and an exclusivity of what we wear, let us be aware of what we buy and act responsibly.

About the founder

Story to Line is about stories. So what’s the story of Millie, the founder? Where does Story to Line come from?

“Young teenager, I entered a luxury leather goods shop. Then fascinated by a bag in a window display, the saleswoman came forward to me, put on her white glove and began to tell me the story of the bag that had attracted my look: the hanse that recalls the shoulder strap of the guitar of its creator to the lining of the bag that discreetly reveals the names of iconic French places — just matter filled with meaning and emotions! For the first time, I was bewitched by the world of fashion.

“So it was quite instinctively that I joined the fashion industry and had the chance to have been welcomed into the fascinating world of beautiful leather goods houses first and then the ready-to-wear realm.

My experience has led me to beautiful encounters, those who make fashion so desirable, who are not so far and who surround us, those of our young Belgian creators. All of them have told me stories that are different from each other but all are driven by a common passion: to give life to their thoughts and inspirations through their creations.

Having met them and listened to them gave me the same sensation as when I am hypnotized by the look of a man whose portrait was stolen by a photographer: “Who is this man? What is he thinking? “. Because the photo has its raison d’être, it becomes captivating.

Since then, I have never ceased to let myself be carried away by beautiful stories. But it was in November 2016, that everything became obvious: Working as a volunteer at MAD Brussels for few years, I brought my contribution into a project helping young designers to develop their brand. More than ever, I realise how amazing  those designers are, how they strive to push themselves, sitting at the edge of their own creative spirit

To see them in action, to see the unfolding of their creation, their search for the right fabric gives you a sense of how unique and exceptional they are as designers.

Thanks to all of those experiences, I deciced to create more coherence in my life, by aligning my beliefs and my job : I believe that human talent is not Made in China. I think fashion is exclusive. I believe in a fashion that tells itself before buying: Story to Line is born! “