– Lili L’Egoïste 自我丽丽

Our team_

Supporting independent brands has always been a passion for us.

After 7 years in the luxury fashion industry working at Louis Vuitton and Diane von Furstenberg, Millie founded Story to Line 2 years ago with the initial aim to promote Belgian independent designers, she has given heart and souls to extent the community of each of the 33 designers and to reveal their story publicly.

Julie has been working in a renowned institution  where she had the opportunity to closely work with Belgian and European designers and to advise more than 140 starters and entrepreneurs, in the fashion and design field.

From October 2018, Julie and Millie join their forces to make Story to Line the most innovative label that enables to Europe-based Designers to sell directly in China while being strongly supported by Story to Line.

Our vision_

Story to Line is the first European label that empowers the best independent fashion designers both in Europe and in China.

We believe that independent brands deserve to be supported in their international vision. Europe is the fashion nest for the most talented designers in the world, time is now to make them visible to a growing community that is looking for exclusivity, creativity and quality : China.

We aim to empower our designers to young and sophisticated Chinese women by sharing their story telling, their uniqueness and their savoir-faire. We work hard with the best Chinese partners to build the e-reputation in China of our designers and give them a direct access on the most famous and trendiest marketplaces in China.

We promote independent brands through an innovative service allowing our member to sell their products on B2C in China at lower costs and risks than if the brands are not supported by our label.

Lili L’Egoïste 自私丽丽

In order to adapt the European label to the Chinese market, Story to Line will be embodied by Lili L’Egoïste, alias 自我丽丽, on our Chinese social medias.

Lili is a young iconic fashion character, she represents all the new Chinese generation’s values. She promotes the unicity of everyone and aims to express our own style: DARE TO BE YOURSELF is a call for sharing your identity, for being different, for buying exclusive pieces,… pieces that are the mirror of your personality. Lili supports in China independent fashion brands from Europe as their creativity is unique and their savoir-faire a sign of quality.