– Lili L’Egoïste 自我丽丽

Lili L’Egoïste 自私丽丽


In order to adapt the European label to the Chinese market, Story to Line is embodied by Lili L’Egoïste, alias 自我丽丽.


Lili is a young iconic fashion character, she represents all the new Chinese generation’s values. She promotes the unicity of everyone and aims to express our own style: DARE TO BE YOURSELF is a call for sharing your identity, for being different, for buying exclusive pieces,… pieces that are the mirror of your personality.

Lili supports in China independent fashion brands from Europe as their creativity is unique and their savoir-faire a sign of quality. She aims to promote the “made in Europe” quality and the European savoir-faire. Lili shares the DNA of each brand supported by Story to Line label: craftsmanship, self-confidence, exclusivity, art,..

Lili is both a fashion insider and a cultural statement for the Chinese fashion addicts.

Follow Lili’s Chinese social media accounts on Weibo @自我丽丽LiliEgoiste and Wechat